CSR for the Jewellery Professional

CSR for the Jewellery Professional is an online course about Corporate Social Responsibility or ‘CSR’ that is designed especially for jewellery industry professionals. It is designed to educate them about the nature CSR, why CSR as a global business phenomenon is imperative for the jewellery industry and how they as professionals can benefit from and contribute to CSR development throughout the industry. Finally, it provides jewellery industry professionals with a basic toolkit for advising clients on the CSR characteristics and qualities of the products and services they provide.


The course CSR for the Jewellery Professional is an initiative of the World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation—WJCEF. WJCEF is a body established by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) to promote educational programmes formulated by CIBJO and the United Nations to promote understanding of CSR throughout the jewellery industry globally.

Branded Trust Education is sponsored by the Branded Trust Foundation. The Branded Trust Foundation is dedicated to making CSR readily available, measurable and effective. It has been acknowledged by the UN as having provided a practical and accessible method for ensuring proper business practices in the jewellery industry, which reduces the level of reputational risk and enhances the role played by companies in developing sustainable opportunities in countries and regions where the jewellery industry sources its raw materials.




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